深圳市好盈彩票有限公司(Hobbywing Technology Co.,Ltd.)成立于2005年,是一家专门从事电子产品研发、制造和销售的高科技企业。目前,我们主要致力于无刷电机和无刷控制器的研发和制造。好盈彩票有限公司拥有强大的技术实力,坚持技术创新,在无刷动力系统领域已经具备国际领先优势。各项产品均拥有完整的自主知识产权,产品不存在任何版权纠纷。好盈彩票有限公司遵循严格的质量控制标准,坚持使用优质正品器件,从而保证产品具备极高的品质。同时,我们根据客户的差异化需求,不断丰富产品种类、完善产品功能、提升产品质量、优化产品组合,以期为客户提供专业的产品和优质的服务。经过不懈的努力,好盈彩票的品牌已经在国内和国际市场上获得了广泛的认知和赞誉。

What's Our Mission

As one of the world's leading manufacturers in the RC field, Hobbywing is determined to provide RC enthusiasts with high-quality products & world-class customer services and always keep the principles of "innovation powered by passion", "quality comes first" and "making the best even better" in mind.

What we Do

HOBBYWING is dedicated to develop and manufacture DC brushless motors & ESCs (Electronic Speed Controller). Its products are widely applied in various industries include, but are not limited to, high-end RC models, industrial drones for agricultural applications, logistics, firefighting and mapping, electric vehicles like skateboard & scooter, electric vessels like bass boat & tour boat, and brushless draught fans for coaches & sedans.

Through a long-term of exploration & accumulation, HOBBYWING keeps its remarkable advantages in the fields of brushless motor & ESC and presents its high achievements in the field of technology: BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) Square-wave Control & FOC (Field Oriented Control).

Product Series


1. XERUN/EZRUN/QUICRUN Series Brushless Power Systems for RC Cars;
2. PLATINUM/FLYFUN/SKYWALKER Series Brushless Power Systems for RC Aircraft;
3. SEAKING Series Brushless Power Systems for RC Boats;
4. XROTOR MICRO Series Brushless Power Systems (for Drones), FC (Flight Controller) and VTX( Video Transmitter);
5. XROTOR PRO Series Brushless Motors & ESCs for Industrial Drones (for Agricultural Applications, Logistics and Firefighting);
6. Brushless Motors & ESCs for Scooters, Skateboards and Electric Vessels;
好盈彩票 7. Other Brushless Motors & ESCs for Household Appliances, Electric Tools, Draught Fans and Pumps.

Hobbywing warmly welcome all win-win co-operations with other companies!